‘No Gain, No Fee’ Marketing Consultancy- what have you got to lose?

Who’s afraid of big, bad marketing consultants? Too often, business managers fear bringing in expensive marketing consultants, who will charge too much and deliver too little. So they plough on, without getting any external help.

We don’t doubt our ability to improve the marketing of your business- and indeed any business. What’s more, we are offering to prove it to you with our ‘No Gain, No Fee’ Marketing Consultancy- a kind of rapid consultancy service.

Here’s the deal: we will spend half a day finding out about your business. After this, we will provide you with 3 recommendations on how to improve the marketing of your business. If you accept none of our recommendations, there is no fee to pay. You simply pay according to how many of our recommendations you accept.

Why are we so confident? Well, we’ve spent over 30 years learning what works in business and what doesn’t. And we’re willing to make this offer because we believe that once you start working with MSC you’ll believe it stands for Many Satisfied Customers.