Redundancy rebound- bouncing back from losing your job

We have a lot of our own identity and emotions wrapped up in our jobs. Often our job helps define who we are and underpins a lot of our self-esteem. We find this out when we lose our job. Redundancy hits a lot of people hard.

But it is the role that is being made redundant, not you. Redundancy is not your fault. It isn’t a failure on your part, if anything it is probably best viewed as a business failure by your former employer. What it also isn’t is a reason for anger, bitterness or some of the other negative emotions which come with the territory. The sooner you can leave bitterness behind, the sooner you can begin to rebound from redundancy.

Redundancy gives you a chance to take a fresh look at your life and decide what it is you want to do. For most it turns out to be a positive force in their lives- even if it doesn’t seem so at the time. It forces them to make changes in their life, which ultimately turn out to be for the best.

Many people invest their redundancy cheque to start their own business. We know from surveys that a large proportion of the British population dream of becoming their own boss someday. So, why not you? And why not now?