Tips on giving your speech a flying start

Helping you and your speech take off

Sometimes the hardest thing about giving a speech is getting it off to a flying start. When your speech starts well, your audience is engaged from the very beginning. That way, they will still be listening when you get to your main message. When you can see your audience is enjoying your speech, your confidence surges as a speaker.
So how do you get your speech off to a flying start? I’ve just written a short article with seven proven tips on how to start your speech.

How to get your presentation off to a flying start

My own personal favourite is beginning with a question. For instance: ‘Do you remember how nervous you felt when you first made a speech?’ ‘What’s the biggest business challenge you’ve ever had to face?’ ‘Do you know where you are going? Can you picture your goal?’ When you start with a question for your audience, you set them thinking about the question and you get them involved from the start. A question-based opening also can be useful in quickly setting the theme for your speech. Read my article for more ideas on opening your speech. Good luck!